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Subscribe to our channel!, Two arrests were made after an anti-CRT protest in Ashburn, Virginia, declared an unlawful assembly.
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Subscribe to our channel!, Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser claimed there was only one night of BLM riots in
Subscribe to our channel! Ricky Gervais recently tweeted an awesome video about people easily offended on Twitter. The comedy
Economic policies in 2019 kicked poverty in the BUTT. Get the numbers on 2019 poverty rates today with @Isabel Brown!
Subscribe to our channel!, This girl slammed her school board for allowing BLM signs after she was told no
Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday said he does not agree with everything Ibram X. Kendi, née Henry Rogers,
Subscribe to our channel!, In Toronto, where masks are still mandated, this man loses his cool when he sees
Subscribe to our channel!, During a recent interview with CNN, Stacey Abrams said she "absolutely supports" Democratic West Virginia
In this clip, Bill Maher blasts Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda for bowing to the mob and playing into