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Biden Tries To Distance Himself From Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Tent City

By Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Former Vice President Joe Biden and candidate for President targets Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Recently former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump for pardoning Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and accused Arpaio of Being found guilty in a Justice Department investigation, under President Obama, of racially profiling Latinos. Biden’s accusations are not true.

Several Years ago Sheriff Joe Arpaio met with VP Biden per invitation from the US Secret Service, and briefly discussed law enforcement. Arpaio and Biden’s picture was taken by Biden’s staff and was “conveniently” lost. Biden may have heard that his Justice Department was investigating the Sheriff’s office.

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(Note: no criminal charges were ever filed against Arpaio or his office.) In a childish move, Biden may have attempted to distance himself from the Sheriff’s office (See Video). Arpaio has had numerous photos taken with people including political figures and none were ever lost. Arpaio also met with President Obama per invitation from the Secret Service and had his picture taken, and the photo was delivered to Arpaio.

This is not the first time the Sheriff met with Biden. In 1989 Arpaio, a former US Drug Enforcement Administration Official appeared before Senator Biden who was Chairman of the International Narcotics Control hearing, per his request, to testify regarding the international drug problem. Upon completion, Senator Biden had nice words for Arpaio and his testimony.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign candidate Bernie Sanders, now Biden’s opponent made shameful treats against Sheriff Arpaio. Sanders communicated “If I am elected President – The President of the United States does have power. So watch out Joe.”

Arpaio’s Comment.”It seems that Biden is desperate and is now Taking a page from Sanders playbook. It does not matter. They are both disconnected and will never beat President Trump in next year’s Presidential race”.

Reported by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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