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AG: Mueller Report To Be Released Next Week

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Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr said he expects to release the Mueller report within the next week. A color-coded report will replace the original 4 page summary submitted in March.

Barr announced the release while presenting his department’s 12020 budget to the House . The report will be redacted, removing any Grand jury information, classified material, and anything about ongoing criminal cases. Any information which could be injurious to “peripheral third parties” will be removed. A color-coded note of explanation will be included for each instance.

“This process is going along well. My original time table, releasing this by mid-April, stands…” Barr said before the House judiciary committee. He said he will not discuss the report any further until it is released.

House Democrats react

House Democrats called for the release of the nearly 400 page report as soon as the summary was released in March. They have already authorized a subpoena for the full report and any related evidence if they aren’t satisfied with the redaction. House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said, “If we don’t get everything, we will issues a subpoena and go to court.” Later he added that the courts have “given Congress the grand jury information when requested in many, many different instances.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted, “We all understand that redacting is important to protect sources and methods. Beyond that he has no business redacting.” In March Pelosi had complained that AG Barr felt President Trump was “above the law.”

Departmental budget submitted

Barr was speaking to the committee on Tuesday to submit the budget for his department for 2020. The budget included $71 million to hire 100 more immigration judges. Barr pointed out that the Trump administration has hired more immigration judges in the last two years than the previous seven combined. More are needed, he maintained, to deal with the current immigration crisis. There are currently 534 immigration judges.

Wednesday, Barr will appear before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee, where more questions regarding the report are likely. He is also scheduled to appear before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees May 1 and 2 to discuss Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation.

Sarah Morton

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