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Beto: U.S. Must Focus on Well-Being of Illegal Immigrants ‘Above Any Other Concern’

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After a second migrant child died after illegally crossing the U.S. southern border, Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) warned that the United States must focus on the well-being of illegal immigrant migrant children “above any other concern.”

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the boy died after his alleged father refused to give him medical treatment.  Nonetheless, the left is blaming Border Patrol for his death.

“We are very saddened to learn of the death of another child in U.S. custody,” O’Rourke, who represents Texas’ 16th Congressional District, tweeted Tuesday. “We must focus on the wellbeing of these children above any other concern.”

O’Rourke, who has slammed Trump’s approach to immigration and has called for Trump’s impeachment, is quickly emerging as a national figure for the Democratic Party.  Powerful voices in the Democratic Party establishment have touted the O’Rourke as a 2020 presidential candidate. The liberal darling, who has argued illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico are today’s cotton pickers, will likely use his advocacy of amnesty and open borders to boost his campaign. But his waffling record on immigration policy may come back to haunt him. 

As Breitbart News’ Tony Lee reports, “If he runs for president, O’Rourke is likely to use immigration to try to show ‘solidarity’ with Democrats of color who could be skeptical of white Democrats who sound moderate on issues dealing with racial and identity politics.” 

“O’Rourke, though, is unlikely to get a free ride on the issue and will have to answer for some of his pro-enforcement votes that left-wing activists believe supported the creation of President Donald Trump’s ‘deportation force.'”

The Texas Democrat has notoriously undermined his own party’s effort to halt the GOP agenda. He reportedly supported Republican legislation that would waive requirements for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and job applicants to take polygraph tests — a proposal that was part of the Trump administration’s plan to assemble a deportation force. 

Some conservatives, including Ted Cruz’s campaign, claim O’Rourke is pandering to Latino voters by referring to himself as “Beto”— a common Mexican nickname for Roberto – given that he’s of Irish descent. 

According to The Hill-Harris X poll released this week, President Trump would defeat O’Rourke in a hypothetical 2020 match-up, getting 37% to O’Rourke’s 30%. 

Other potential challengers pose a greater threat to Trump’s reelection prospects, including former Vice who defeats Trump by six percentage points (42%-36%) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who narrowly edges Trump (38%-37%) in the poll. 

The Hill-HarrisX poll was conducted December 16-17 and has a margin of error if +/- 3.1 percentage points.


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  1. Owen | |

    Why do the democrats care more about illegals than US Citizens ??

  2. J.A. Lemelle | |

    Yeah Beto O’; to heck with constituency, full illegalization ahead! (Sarcasm intended)

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