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Left’s Neglect Intensifies Child Abuse At Border

Isabel Brown Is Spot On. The Horrific Events That Take Place Every Day On The Border Will Only Get Worse With The Left’s Total Neglect! #SocialismSucks Subscribe to the channel ► ○ All Links ► • Shop ► • Join ► • Donate ► #Conservative #TPUSA #TurningPointUSA #BigGovSucksIsabel Brown Is Spot

University Labels ‘PICNIC’ and ‘POLICEMAN’ As Oppressive Words | Ep.28

A New Jersey school is requiring students to get vaccinated AND STILL wear a mask, a new pole shows liberal students are not proud to be American, and Brandeis University made a list of words that are “oppressive”, like “picnic” and “policeman”. Ophelie Jacobson brings you this week’s Campus Countdown. ———————————————————————————————————– Follow us on Twitter

The BORDER CRISIS That Kamala Harris Didn’t See

Subscribe to our channel! Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday she always planned on visiting the Southern Border after months of dodging questions about when she would visit. Unlike Kamala Harris Jorge Ventura and the Daily Caller has been covering the crisis at our southern border since the beginning of the year. Become a