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Hate Crime Suspect Arrested In Louisiana Black Church Fires – Son Of Sheriff’s Deputy (VIDEO)

Investigators arrested 21-year-old Holden Matthews, who was turned in by his father, Deputy Roy Matthews. Not much is known about him, but CBS News reports that social media accounts that appear to belong to Matthew reveal an interest in black metal music, and that he was the lead singer for the band Vodka Vultures. Per the Daily Beast, on Facebook, Matthews commented on two memes about the far-right metal musician Varg Vikernes, though neither of his comments revealed much about his beliefs

Teacher Bans Student from Making Trump her Hero for Project – School Censors Freedom of Speech

A 6th-grader in Long Island, New York, chose to highlight President Trump for a class project about students’ heroes — but claims her teacher tried to talk her out of it. The teacher's actions appear to support growing feelings amoung conservatives that public schools in America are loyal propaganda centers for the far-left.