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China using students and companies to spy on America (VIDEO)

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China is working at odds with the U.S. on trade, but also in terms of espionage issues. Jack Posobiec sat down with Hal Lambert, the founder of Point Bridge Capital to learn more.

In an attempt to alleviate the situation the Trump admin “has tried to limit what fields the students can study in, and how long they can stay on their visas,” says Lambert

According to an article by CNN:

“The eight — naturalized US citizens originally from Taiwan or China — had worked in science and technology.    Seven had worked for or recently retired from US defense contractors. The complaint says all of them were perceived as rich targets for a new form of espionage that China has been aggressively pursuing to win a silent war against the US for information and global influence.”

The article goes on to point out:

  “The sheer size of the Chinese student population at US universities presents a major challenge for law enforcement and intelligence agencies tasked with striking the necessary balance between protecting America’s open academic environment and mitigating the risk to national security.    While it remains unclear just how many of these students are on the radar of law enforcement, current and former intelligence officials told CNN that they all remain tethered to the Chinese government in some way, even if the vast majority aren’t sent to the US to spy.

Its part of a persistent, aggressive Chinese effort to undermine American industries, steal American secrets and eventually diminish American influence in the world so that Beijing can advance its own agenda, US officials, analysts and experts told CNN.”

The Hill Reported:

“We allow 350,000 or so Chinese students here every year,” William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said last April during an Aspen Institute conference. “That’s a lot. We have a very liberal visa policy for them. Ninety-nine point nine percent of those students are here legitimately and doing great research and helping the global economy. But it is a tool that is used by the Chinese government to facilitate nefarious activity here in the U.S.” said Bill  Evanina

Also noted in a similar article by  The Washington Times:

Mr. Evanina said the Trump administration is more engaged in counterintelligence than the Obama administration, based on the fact that many current leaders had more experience in the private sector. A particular concern driving greater counterespionage against China is Beijing’s spending of $80 billion annually on investment in the United States, he said.


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