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‘Crazed Leftist’ Mob Harass, Abuse Conservative Reporters Outside Roger Stone Court Hearing

Violent leftists gathered outside the Washington, D.C courtroom Tuesday,  taunting and harassing longtime Republican campaign advisor Roger Stone, his associates and conservative journalists.

InfoWars reporter Owen Schroyer, who co-hosts The War Room with Stone, asked one of the enraged protesters why he hates President Donald Trump and the protester became belligerent and unhinged.

“This psychopath chose to steal my mic cover, wipe his butt, then his nose, then inserted it into his mouth. All I wanted was a comment on why he doesn’t like Trump,” Shroyer wrote of the incident on Twitter. “Now he’s boasting about his own derangement. This is the American left.”

Police witnessed the enraged man’s violent outburst and did nothing, Shroyer noted.

Another violent protester badgered Gateway Pundit contributor Jacob Engels outside the courtroom, destroying Engels’ pro-Trump and pro-Stone signs and as he was entering the building.

Roger Stone, a confidant of President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty to seven criminal charges of false statements, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

He told InfoWar’s Alex Jones after his court appearance that he planned on giving a statement but changed his mind amid the vitriolic crowd of demonstrators.

“I wanted very much to go outside and make a statement, but I was shouted down by crazed leftists, who of course, revere the first amendment,” Stone said. “And some members of the media shouted insulting questions before I could say a word.”

Inside court, Stone only uttered the words, “yes, your honor,” and “I do,” while answering the magistrate judge’s question. His defense attorney entered his not guilty plea.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and the US attorney for the District of Columbia have accused Stone of lying to congressional investigators about his communications regarding WikiLeaks’ publication of emails allegedly hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s server.

Neither the Justice Department or FBI has ever forensically examined the server to determine whether the server was ever actually hacked. Stone and cybersecurity experts insist the server was never hacked and the emails were breached by someone from within the DNC.

The leaked emails revealed the DNC and Clinton campaign colluded to rig the Democratic primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders, used racist slurs against their constituents and participated in an occult ritual called ‘Spirit Cooking.’

Stone’s indictment describes how Stone allegedly coordinated with top Trump campaign officials about his outreach to WikiLeaks

Stone’s next appearance in court will be Friday before District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is handling the guilty plea of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.


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