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Democrat Vision for America: Dudes in Dresses ‘To Resist Trump’

Billy Porter, a Broadway performer and a ‘gender-fluid artist,’ hates President Trump so much he decided to embarrass himself for the whole world to see by wearing a velvet “tuxedo-gown” on the 2019 Academy Awards red carpet Sunday evening.

Watch the video below to learn how to look like a complete moron in one easy lesson:


Porter, best known for his roles on director Ryan Murphy’s hit FX Network show Pose, recently began wearing dresses to “resist” the Trump White House.

Porter’s stylist Sam Ratelle explained in January that the actor’s goal is not just to look fabulous on the red carpet, but to use the platform for to rail against the president.

“Like when [Billy Porter] started wearing dresses recently, that was very specific because of all the stuff that was going on in the White House regarding transgender rights,” the stylist told Page Six. “We started talking about it and we’re like, we have to start representing these people because you have to normalize that somehow publicly. There has to be visibility.”

Ahead of Hollyweird’s biggest night, Porter revealed in an interview with Vogue that his decision to wear a tuxedo gown was intended to push boundaries.

“Now I’m in a space where, being on Pose, I’m invited to red carpets and I have something to say through clothes. My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations. What is masculinity? What does that mean? Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part

“It happened to me at the Golden Globes [when I wore a pink cape], and I was like, really? Y’all trippin’? I stopped traffic! That Globes outfit changed everything for me. I had the courage to push the status quo. I believe men on the red carpet would love to play more. This industry masquerades itself as inclusive, but actors are afraid to play, because if they show up as something outside of the status quo, they might be received as feminine, and, as a result, they won’t get that masculine job, that superhero job. And that’s the truth. I’ve been confronted with that.”

Porter wore the gown to the Vanity Fair afterparty but removed his white ruffled tuxedo shirt and bow tie. He then threw on only a glittering women’s necklace.

The message is so clear, isn’t it? Wearing a tuxedo dress clearly declares resistance for Trump. Who could miss the symbolism?  That’ll for sure show Trump. How will the most powerful man on the planet survive this smackdown?

How many of you have even heard of Billy Porter before his “iconic” red carpet appearance?

Just like Jussie Smollett, Porter yearns for attention to feed his ego.


Gender fluid Porter can’t decide which bathroom to use, so why should anyone listen to him?

Considering President Trump drove him to appear like this in public, the president is #winning.

Meanwhile, Tinseltown is gushing over Porters’ ballgown.

“Billy Porter Slays in a Christian Siriano Tuxedo Dress on the Red Carpet,” Harper’s Bazaar wrote,  adding in the sub-headline “We. Are. Not. Worthy.” of such an ensemble.

InStyle Magazine raved, “Billy Porter Wore a Dress to the Oscars and the Internet Is Shook”

“A play on masculinity and femininity, the look challenged the rigid Hollywood dress code and was boundary-pushing in all the right ways,” Vogue boasted.

Leftist stupidity is real… and oh so deep.


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