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#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka: Watch ‘The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party’

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The Democratic Party, the party of whips, chains and lynch rope, still feels the same way about black Americans today as they did as they did in the Antebellum South, argues founder of the #WalkAway movement and former Democrat Brandon Straka.

They just use different methods of control. They can no longer physically control blacks, so they use economic methods to keep them in line.

“In most cases, you can live the life of your dreams,” Straka explained in an exclusive interview Xcluded Media. “But if you belong to a community that’s constantly receiving messages that  you cannot succeed  – that ‘the system is rigged against you, ‘you are a victim of oppression,’ and that ‘straight, white men are constantly conspiring to keep you down’ –  then you look around you see a community that has been ravaged by a welfare system, a system that has been set up to keep the family unit within black communities torn apart. There are incentives that keep black men from marrying the mothers of their babies.

“It’s like they’re intentionally keeping these families apart, keeping these families in poverty and dependent on the government. And then they’re telling them that the reason why their lives aren’t better is because Republicans and because white people want them to fail,” he said. “This simply isn’t true.”

Now, Straka is exposing the Democrat Party’s legacy of undermining civil rights in the “documonial”  The Great Awakening: Breaking The Chains of the Democratic Party.

You can watch The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party” on Sunday evening at 8pm on the Walk Away Movement’s Youtube channel. 

It can also be viewed at Facebook @usminority or on Straka’s Twitter account @usminority.

The short film sews together the common experiences of Americans who have as they navigate stirring and complicated issues such as indoctrination, the KKK, Planned Parenthood, the Obama years, the Trump years and immigration.

The average person erroneously associates the Ku Klux Klan with the Republicans, Straka noted, but it was it was formed to be the militant arm of the Democrat Party and its purpose was to attack Republicans and keep blacks from voting for them.

“We are not being taught history correctly. I think the average person, black or white, thinks that the KKK is a conservative-driven organization that is an arm of the Republican Party, when in fact that is not true,” Straka noted. “The KKK was an arm of the Democratic Party.

“Planned Parenthood is an institution that’s propped up by the liberal the liberal left as something that empowers women. It doesn’t really empower women. Planned Parenthood was an institution that was created to decimate the black community and destroy black people.”

While the left promotes a victim-hood and group-think, Straka argued, conservative values,  espoused by the party that freed the slaves, foster self-empowerment.

“Conservative values really take the focus off of the group and the tribe and the identity, and put the focus on where it belongs, which is the individual,” he said. “Part of the amazing thing about living in a country with the freedoms, and the constitution to enjoy those freedoms, is that you can empower yourself as an individual and you can –  through hard work, through education, through tenacity – change your life.

“I don’t care how poor you are or how poor your parents are or if you parents dropped out of high school, or whatever their education level was, that does not define what your life has to be. You have the power to live the life that you want to live if you work hard and you educate yourself and you try.”


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