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Good Guy With A Gun Saves Wife From Armed Robbery (VIDEO)

Stories of heroic self-defense and lives saved by legal gun owners are often overlooked.

Here’s another instance of law-abiding citizens using a gun to defend themselves against criminals.

Two men tried to rob a woman during midday in a Texas parking lot when her husband stepped in and fired shots at the suspects.

The couple had just finished grocery shopping, when they were approached by a “black Cadillac SUV with two men in it pulled into a parking space in front of them,” ABC 13 reports.

Brandishing a gun, one of the suspects exited the vehicle and demanded the woman hand over her purse.

The attempted robbery turned into a shootout when the woman’s husband retrieved his gun and fired four shots at the suspects, both of whom were stricken.

The assailants then attempted to flee the scene, but as didn’t get far. Moments later, they crashed their SUV and took off running.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, one of the suspects suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder. He sought assistance at a  nearby fire station and lost consciousness.

He was then escorted to a nearby hospital by helicopter, treated for his injuries, and apprehended.

The other suspect, described as a black male, in his late teens to early 20s, and approximately five feet, four inches tall, is still at large.

Law enforcement officials maintain the couple was targeted by the suspects, who they call “juggers,” who followed them from a bank to the grocery.

Texas Police are reportedly warning civilians to be wary of that they are not being followed, as police agencies report of a spike in “jugging,” a type of thievery which typically takes place when a customer leaves a bank with a large sum of cash and is followed by two or more armed muggers and robbed at gunpoint.



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