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Kevin Jackson: ‘Incestuous’ GOP Allows The Left To Normalize ‘Lunacy,’ We Have To Back Trump Up

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The left is continuously working to normalize infanticide, propagandize Trump supporters as racists and convince the American people a border wall won’t work.

Meanwhile, the GOP allows the left’s “lunacy” to become mainstream, warns talk radio show host Kevin Jackson.

Americans must “stop buying the nonsense these people are selling,” Jackson argued in an interview with XCluded, and “follow your instincts.”

“When you are feeding into leftism, as we’ve seen, they want to kill babies. They want people to get money for never working. They tell you that walls don’t help and keep people out – it’s ridiculous stuff,” he said. “But I don’t blame them.”

“I don’t blame the left for doing it,” he continued. “I have a cousin, every time I see him, he hits me up for ten dollars. And finally, after the third time, I said ‘when you gonna hit me up with the twenty that you owe me. But if I keep going, he’s going to keep hitting me up for the money. We let leftists hit us up for the money, and we give it to them, in the form of our tax dollars, they do crazy stuff with it, and then we complain.”

Empire actor Jussie Smollett’s “overwhelmingly fake” hate crime hoax proves the left’s portrayal of conservatives as “xenophobic” is a lie.

“The funny thing about Smollet is that it identified so many things that we talk about all the time – [the left] sets the narrative,” he said. “They want to paint us homophobic, xenophobic, blackophobic or whatever else. And so, when Smollett did that, he identified exactly what we have been saying – you guys are liars, you make this stuff up.

“And this dude was trying to make it look real,” he continued. “It just goes to show you to what level these people think we are stupid. And to what level they think the narrative is of a gay guy getting attacked by Trump supporters is just going to get brushed under the rug as to what really happened. In a way, it’s so good that it happened.”

The left will always conspire to deceive Americans into becoming more radical and demonize its political opposition, Jackson argued.

“It’s never going to stop,” he said. “As my grandmother used to say is ‘you give them a ham to put under each arm and they’re going to ask you for bread.'”

For decades, the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment has done a poor job of refuting the left’s propaganda, but President Donald Trump’s leadership is reforming the party, Jackson asserted.

What the GOP is doing wrong is it’s incestuous — you’ve got the same people running campaigns, doing the same thing. The only that’s changed in the GOP – being blunt – is Trump, his style,” he said. “We have to back him up.”

After being a Fox News contributor for almost a decade, Jackson was fired in August by Fox for calling the women who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct “lying skanks.”

The radio talk show host said he regrets using a profanity to describe Christine Blasey Ford, whose accusations were determined to be unsubstantiated by the FBI, but warned Fox New has shifted towards becoming a more left-leaning network.

“I only wish I had a better word. I think its Fox’s mistake because a lot of people have started to recognize that it is not as conservative as people think. I think it’s going to engender a lot of people to take pause and ask themselves, ‘when can we really start telling the raw truth.'”

Jackson is now working on several projects to combat the social justice warrior agenda and stifling political correctness that he argues is embedded in the education system, Hollywood, social media.

The first is a competitor to Netflix that is slated to debut April 2, which Jackson calls “a shot over the bowel of Hollywood.”

“We are going after Hollywood with amazing films Filmmakers from all over the world – they make great films that they just want you to watch. But they don’t make ‘Supergirl’ a lesbian for shiggles,” he said. “It’s going to be $4.99 a month for the first 100,000 viewers. You can go kick the tires, we’ll let you on for free. You’ll see, its stuff you’ve never seen – it is amazing.”


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