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‘Money In Politics’: Ilhan Omar to Keynote Fundraiser With Terror-Linked CAIR

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WASHINGTON – Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, who Democrats unanimously demanded apologize for alleging Jewish groups buy off politicians, is heading to Los Angeles to keynote a fundraiser for the terror-linked Council on American Islamic Relations next month.

CAIR, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history, will feature Omar at its 4th Annual Valley Banquets on March 23, where tables will cost $500.

The group is an entity founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and is designated as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates. FBI wiretaps in 1993 revealed CAIR was established to deceptively promote the Islamist agenda in the United States and serves as a Hamas support network.

“CAIR-LA is honored to have Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as the featured speaker for the 4th Annual Valley Banquet,” a press release from the Los Angeles chapter of the CAIR states.

According to a flier promoting the banquet, Ilhan will stand alongside by CAIR-Florida director Hassan Shibly as she delivers her address. Shilby, who has condemned homosexuality as a “quick way to earn God’s wrath, is a dedicated Islamists. According to the Clarion Project,  Shilby is a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, groups which are designated as a terror group by the United States.

Hussam Ayloush, the director of CAIR-Los Angeles, shares Shilby’s radical Islamist views. Following a 2015 ISIS-led terrorist attack in California, Ayloush argued America and the Western foreign policy are to blame for global Islamic terrorism and extremist ideology.

“Let’s not forget that some of our own foreign policy, as Americans, as the West, have fueled that extremism,” Ayloush told CNN after Pakistani nationals Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, opened fire at an office Christmas party, killing 14 people and wounding 21 others.

The family of former FBI counterterrorism chief, John P. O’Neill, Sr., who perished at the World Trade Center, named CAIR in a 2005  lawsuit as having “been part of the criminal conspiracy of radical Islamic terrorism” responsible for the September 11 atrocities.

CAIRS’ banquet is just one of the controversial events Omar is slated to speak in the upcoming weeks. Islamic Relief USA, a branch of the terror-linked group Islamic Relief Worldwide, will feature Omar as a guest speaker on Feb. 23.

Islamic Relief was blacklisted by Israel and the United Arab Emirates for allegedly funneling money to terrorist organizations.

HSBC cut ties with the government-funded Muslim charity in 2015, warning that funds delivered to the organization are aiding the war chests of radical Islamic terrorists.

Rep. Omar was excoriated by both Democratic and Republican leadership over the weekend after tweeting remarks about Israel that were widely criticized as anti-Semitic. The freshman Democrat alleged Friday that Jewish groups like the American Public Affairs Committee, a prominent bipartisan pro-Israel organization, buy off politicians.


AIPAC, however, does not contribute to political campaigns. CAIR, on the other hand, revved its fundraising machine for Omar, hosting several fundraising events for the sole purpose of helping the Somali-born Muslim win her congressional seat.

Omar tweeted an apology after a conversation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump on Tuesday called for Omar to resigned or be barred from serving on congressional committees.

“Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House. “And I think she should either resign from Congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

Omar fired back at the president Wednesday blasting Trump for what she called his own history of “hate.”

“You trafficked in hate your whole life – against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?”


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