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Subscribe to our channel!, Michael Eric Dyson goes on a rant against "mealy-mouthed snowflake White men" and calls Trump
Do you know the preamble to the Constitution? It is one of the most important elements of our founding documents
Wednesday in front of Capitol Hill, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) gave border czar Vice President Kamala Harris a lesson on
DISTURBING... The Left Wants To Prioritize THIS Over Actually Educating Kids! 😳😳😳 #SocialismSucks Subscribe to the channel ► ○ All
Host of "The Michael Knowles Show" joined the Daily Caller's Jorge Ventura to discuss his new book 'Speechless: Controlling Words,
Subscribe to our channel!, Are you worried about the changing definition of "gender?" This should clear everything up. Tune
Subscribe to our channel!, During a White House press briefing, Jen Psaki was asked if Kamala Harris' planned trip
Subscribe to our channel!, When the homeowner confronts the man, the homeless man claims the house is his and
Subscribe to our channel!, Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock recently changed his tune on voter ID laws, claiming he was