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Secret Service Show Up At Woman’s Home Hours After She Threatens President On Facebook (VIDEO)

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Hours after a Texas woman made incendiary comments about President Donald Trump on Facebook, a Secret Service agent arrived at her door.

The woman, who wrote online that she hopes “someone would shoot the fool between the eyes,” was shocked when the agent and a police officer paid her a visit following her death wish on the president.

Footage recorded Thursday in San Antonio, Texas shows the woman standing at her doorstep as an agent and police officer interrogate her.

The woman’s nephew who filmed the encounter asks her why the police were questioning her.

“I made comments online so the secret service came to my door with a SAPD that works with them,” she replied.

She claims the law enforcement agents attempted to intimidate her until her nephew began recording the encounter.

“You’re with the secret service you said?” the woman asks the agent.

The two men nodded in response.

The agent then asked her to verify personal details, “I’m just going to ask you some questions – what’s your date of birth?”

The women defiantly told the agent that “is none of his concern” and questioned if she’s being arrested.

“Is this mandatory?” she asked. “Do I need to speak to you? Am I under arrest and I being charged with anything?”

“I’m here to ask about the statements you made online,” the agent replied, as he riffed through papers on his clipboard.

“What statement,” the woman interjected.

The secret agent then reiterated the comments she posted on her Facebook account calling for Trump’s assassination, “Can someone shoot the fool between the eyes  –”

The woman then became unhinged and argued about her right to freedom of speech.

“So what you’re saying is that I don’t have freedom of speech I can’t say what I want to? I that the concern?” she shot back. “Did I commit a crime by expressing what I said?”

The men assured the women that she can be refused to be interviewed and had not committed a crime.

She then became infuriated and warned the agent that she will not answer any questions until she hires an attorney, asked the agent for his phone number and slammed the door in their faces.


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  1. Linda Roberson | |

    This is a typical liberal.. She should have been arrested and maybe she still will end up in trouble. Her smart mouth will be her undoing. I am disappointed the Secret Service officer was not as assertive as he could have been.

  2. Carmen Espinosa | |

    She is full of hate. She does need to go to jail just because she hate our president. Don’t give her a right to make a remark like that. If it was Obama she wil already be in jail. Its looks to me she asking someone to do it so that’s mean to me that’s if she have money she is willing to pay some one. She need help . i don’t went to get on her way. She may shoot me. Get help for her now. She is a danger to the public.

  3. David | |

    I’m wondering why an american theatens the president their is an immediate response by the secret service but if it is a member of the house calling for the beheading of the president it is ignore

  4. Beffy | |

    So Hollywood actors and other politicians can make flippant remarks about trumps death on freakin tv but this womans comment was taken as a threat!!! Dont get me wrong, I love Trump but seems bit unfair to me.

  5. Haydee Morales | |

    So basically the Secret Service is full of shit. They have not power, so why bother going there and making a fool out of themselves. I truly believe if the person had said the same thing for obama, they would have arrested her.

  6. John | |

    That idiot is a disrespectful piece of shit!!! That is saying it in a extremely nice way.

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