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The Truth Behind The Border Fight

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After two-years of campaigns, elections, legislative floor fights, Oval Office confrontations, and hundreds of television interviews with politicians and experts, this is what we are left with — a government shutdown and a political stalemate.

The Democrats claim that building a wall/steel-structure or barrier is nothing short of inhumane. In fact; Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claims that he doesn’t want America’s symbol of freedom to be a wall, it should still be the Statue of Liberty. Speaker Nancy Pelosi mumbled something; I’m not sure what she was trying to say.

On the other side of the fence (yes; pun intended), we have President Donald Trump visiting with Homeland Security Officials, Border Patrol Agents, Sheriffs, and anyone else he can find with a badge down in McAllen, Texas in front of five-hundreds news camera’s detailing the problems along the Rio Grande, River.

Remember the 2015-16 Presidential Campaign? President Trump, then-candidate Trump began his rocketing to the top of the polling primarily on securing the border and having Mexico paying for it. It didn’t matter where the rally was, or if there were 300 attendees or 30,000, the moment he announced his pledge to build a wall, all would stand and cheer.

And today, we have the Democrats dug in on ‘not funding’ the wall and the President dug in on building a wall. So what is the real truth here? Why are both sides so vehemently opposed to compromise and who’s right and who’s wrong?

This battle over the border didn’t begin with Donald Trump.
As early as 1924, this political war over “to build or not to build” has been waged on Capitol Hill and the States located along the border.

The question needs to be asked at this point; “why were the Democrats so willing to build a wall back in 2006, 2009, 2015, etc. and now why are they so opposed?” I think it is a very fair question to ask.

Schumer and Obama calling for wall:

The ugly truth back then was this; The Democrats owed their souls to Richard Trumka from the AFL-CIO and the hundreds of thousands of Union employees across America.

The Union’s collectively donated millions to Democrat Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional Candidates. The Unions wanted the flow of illegals to stop because it cost them money regarding cheap labor.

On the flip side of the coin; the Republican business establishment wanted the cheap labor because it lowered their cost of doing business. IE: I purchased a home in Arizona some years ago. Part of the deal was that the seller builds a fenced in wall around my backyard. This wall was constructed out of cement tiles and was to be painted the color of the home I was purchasing.

The crew showed up to begin construction, and I was shocked as they were all illegal aliens from Central Mexico. I know this, because I asked them. They were masters at their craft and constructed a beautiful wall, and they did so in 110-degree heat. The only time they stopped was from around 12:00 noon until around 6:00 pm during the intense heat of the day. They spent 4-days building and painting that wall. This crew did it all for less than $10.00 an hour each. Had that crew been union card carrying masonry builders, that wall would have cost the seller 2-3 times or more to construct.

As time has gone by, the Democrats have shifted their positions on this subject. With then-President Bill Clinton creating the motor/voter laws, today the Democrats want as many illegal aliens as they can flood across the border. Why? It is actually very simple.

Take Iowa for instance. Iowa’s voting laws (as of the last election) are largely left up to the counties to decide ‘who can and cannot vote.) In my county, they require a driver’s license along with a voter registration card. if you’re in other more liberal counties, you may vote if you’re simply breathing air and can manage to sign your name at the time of sign in. In other states, it is even easier than that to cast ballots.

The political battlefield has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.

The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep the Texas border open because Texas in on the verge of turning blue. If the Democrats can get Texas to go blue, it is all but over for the Republicans ever again winning the White House.

Twenty years ago, a young socialist politician name Beto O’Rourke would not have garnered 15% of the vote in a statewide Senate election. O’Rourke in 2018 (while espousing socialism), only lost by less than 2% to an established conservative named Ted Cruz. Out of over 8-million votes cast, O’Rourke lost by some 200,000. That is frighteningly close. Keep this in mind, Beto raised over $80,000,000 to fight that Senate fight in Texas.

This is why the Democrats are fighting the war.

The Republicans are fighting for their political lives (yes, national security is an issue), but the stone-cold hard truth is, the GOP is trying to stop the Democrats from bringing a larger voting population. If they can keep the borders open for a couple more years, they will control the White House for generations.

The State of Iowa, for the most part, dropped blue in 2018 by having all but one of our Congressional seats turn blue. Wisconsin went red in 2016 but was lost again in 2018 to the Democrats when they dumped Governor Walker for a Democrat. This same scenario happened in Michigan and very nearly happened in Ohio. What about Pennsylvania? Donald Trump won the keystone in 2016. However, the Democrats went in and had the State redistricted for 2018, and now the Dem’s have picked up Congressional seats for the 2020 cycle.

In the end, this war over the border wall has precious little to do with anything other than politics, and votes. It is simple as that.

What will happen with the all of the lawsuits that will no doubt be coming is anyone’s guess. President Trump will fight to secure the border, and the Democrats will continue fighting for new voters.

Not many changes over the past century were there?


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