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Trump Campaign: ‘Send a Brick!’ To Chuck And Nancy To Prove ‘Walls Work’

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Moments after President Trump issued a national emergency Friday, bypassing Congress to build a wall along the southern U.S. border, the president’s re-election campaign posted a video on social media urging Americans to send bricks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In a video titled, “Send A Brick,” postal service workers are featured wearing Make America Great Again t-shirts as they package boxes with bricks to send to Pelosi and Schumer.

“Chuck and Nancy refused to Build the Wall and secure our border! President Trump and the American people fought back by sending 100,000 BRICKS to their offices,” caption on the video states. “Chuck and Nancy had no choice but to listen to the American people.”

The bricks contain graphics which read, “2018: Fentanyl at the border” and “Enough entered U.S. to kill every American.”

The brick also asks supporters to text “WALL” to 88022.

In January, Trump’s re-election campaign launched  the website,,  asking “Team Trump” to “send BRICKS to Chuck & Nancy for every donation of at least $20.20.”

Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden Friday, the commander-in-chief warned that the United States has spent trillions of taxpayer dollars and human capital on wars abroad, while Americans are continuously plagued by the perils of open borders and illegal immigration.

“Today I am announcing several critical actions that my administration is taking to confront a problem that we have right here at home. We fight wars that are six thousand miles away – wars that we should have never been in many cases, but we don’t control our own border,” Trump extemporaneously declared.

Democratic lawmakers, who insist walls won’t prevent the influx of drugs and human traffickers into the United States, are brazenly lying to the American people, the president cautioned.

“When you listen to politicians, particularly certain Democrats, they say ‘it all comes through the port of entry’– it’s wrong. It’s just a lie. It’s all a lie. They say walls don’t work – wall work one hundred percent,” he said. “In El Paso, they have close to 2,000 murders right on the other side of the wall. And they had 23 murders – that’s a lot of murders – but it’s not close to 2000 murders, right on the other side of the wall in Mexico.”


The only way criminals or invaders will have the capacity to illegally enter the United States is by circumventing the wall, Trump added.

“Everyone knows that walls work,” he said. “Take a look at Israel. They are building another wall. Their wall is 99.9 percent effective they told me. That’s what it would be with us too. The only weakness is they go to a wall and then they go around the wall – they go around the wall and in,” he said.

Trump blasted Democratic “obstructionists'” Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Pelosi, D – Calif., for playing “big con-game” with the American public and called in their efforts to convince the American public that drug and human traffickers illegally cross the border through ports of entry “a big lie.”

“A majority of the big drug loads don’t go through ports of entry. They can’t go through ports of entry – you can’t take big loads because we have some very capable people – the border patrol, law enforcement looking” he said. “You can’t take human traffic women and girls, you can’t take them through ports of entry, you can’t have them tied up in a back seat of a car or truck or van,

“They open the door, they look, they can see three women with tape in their mouth or three women whose hands are tied – they go through areas where you have no wall. Everybody knows that.

“Nancy knows it. Chuck knows it. They all know it. It’s all a big lie. It’s a big con game. You don’t have to be very smart to know you put up a barrier, the people come in and that’s it. They can’t do anything unless they walk left or right and they find an area where there is no barrier and the come into the United States, welcomed.”



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