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TPUSA’s Brandon Tatum: Lethal Fentanyl, Heroine Flood Porous Border, Police Forced to Wear Narcan Body Suits

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Not only are Americans economically hit hard by illegal immigration. Hundreds of innocent lives, of both American and those seeking a better life in the US, are lost because of the government’s inability to secure our nation’s borders, warns Turning Point USA’s urban outreach chief and retired police officer, Brandon Tatum.

Securing the southern border and our nation’s sovereignty has nothing to do with politics or who is sitting in the Oval Office, Tatum argued in an exclusive interview with XCluded Media, “this has everything to do with people.”

“There are people trying to come over to this country that are getting raped, that are getting killed, that are dying. They are not having access to the things that they really desire by trying to come over here to America,” he said. “And we have American citizens that are being victimized by people that come over here that shouldn’t be here.

“This is not a political stunt. This is not political rhetoric, this shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

Comprehensive immigration policies disincentivize immigrants from attempting to invade and will create “a better America,” Tatum declared.

“The American people need to hear from every aspect of why we need to have a border wall. Not just the rhetoric of security, but a physical barrier,” he explained. “It’s invaluable for us to talk about border security. It’s invaluable for us to talk about building a wall – some of the things that the president has spoken about – and it’s invaluable for us to hear from different people.”

Tatum, who served as a police officer with the Tuscon Arizona Police Department for six years, revealed that he witnessed first-hand the horrific effects of rampant illegal immigration and its attribution to the influx of vast quantities of illegal drugs – including meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.

“I have a different background, I have a different take on it – I was previously a police officer in southern Arizona, where we saw the influx of drugs, saw the influx of fentanyl, the crime and all of those things that are associated with us having a porous border,” he said. “The drugs are a big deal.”

Approximately 327 Americans citizens are killed by heroin every week in the U.S, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Ninety-three percent of heroin and other illicit drugs come from across the southern border, according to a report from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Heroin and fentanyl overdoses are so frequent in Arizona, Tatum explained, that the police force has to arm themselves in Narcan-laced body suits to avoid interaction with fentanyl.

Narcan is a brand of the drug naloxone, which reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Fentanyl is a highly potent opioid prescribed legally for pain relief. The lethal drug — which is about 100 times more potent than morphine — has been a key driver in the deadly, nationwide opioid epidemic.

“The six years I was a police officer, I saw within maybe a two-year span the influx of heroin. People were overdosing on heroin so much that they had to outfit every police with Narcan – they keep Narcan at the hospital or they give it to EMS or firefighters. This is not something normally you would see on police officers. But we had to do that in order to save lives in our own city.”

“Fentanyl became so outrageously problematic in southern Arizona – and I can’t even imagine what’s going on in the rest of the country.  But in southern Arizona, it was so bad that as a police officer, when I would test drugs, it was mandatory that every single person where a complete body suit – gloves, masks, and all that – because of the risk of fentanyl,” he continued. “It’s fifty to a hundred times more potent than morphine. This is a drug that is deadly. If it touches your skin, it can be absorbed into your skin and kill you. These things are real issues.”

Tatum urged all Americans who impugn Trump’s advocacy of secure borders and protest the construction of a physical barrier to consider how porous borders are ruining lives by alluring traffickers.

“My stepfather died from a heroin overdose,” he said. “I know what it looks like and I know the consequences surrounding that and the effect that it has on a family. Almost all the time I would see people overdosing – young people, ruining their lives being affected by this. The American people need to know what’s going on and we need to work together to find solutions. The wall is a great start to having a solution.

“This is a real crisis. We don’t need any politician to tell us. All you have to do is go to the border, all you have to do is talk to law enforcement agencies in these border states – cities near the border – and you will see the influx of drugs, the crime and all the things we’re talking about.”


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