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Warning: ‘The Twilight Zone Just Got Real’

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From the moment Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, the American left has fired back with unhinged vitriol, violent fantasies, and mob attacks — targeting Trump and anyone associated with him.

Every major magazine, every major social media outlet, every major newspaper, nearly all of Hollywood and Broadway, every major TV network and even the intelligence agencies have conspired to destroy the president since his stunning 2016 victory.


Social engineers are intent on dividing America and have brainwashed half the country into believing the President and his supporters are a threat to their existence, warns InfoWars reporter Owen Shroyer:

 “Imagine a world, where reality has no bounds. A time and place dictated by feelings and emotion. A land where all logical reasoning and common sense has been recklessly abandoned in self-serving effort to please one’s own beliefs. Only here can an individual hold two completely divergent ideas and consider it to be rational. Only here can be described as the twilight zone.”

Last August, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Spotify colluded to boot Alex Jones and InfoWars from their platforms, resulting in InfoWars becoming the most banned news organization in the U.S.

The collusion against InfoWars is symptomatic of the nearly universal urge on the left to suppress speech that challenges the liberal agenda and shut down political opposition.


Occupy Wall Street activists are calling for murdering ICE agents. Leftists regularly make death threats to Republican members of Congress.  The CEO of tech company corporate threatened to murder Trump. Republicans now fear the risk assassination and contemplated resignation from the House, after Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Trump supporters have been the victims of numerous attacks, brutal violence, and hate crimes brutal and disturbing anti-Trump hate crimes. Countless entertainers joke about harming the president.

Meanwhile, mainstream media fan the flames and rationalize violence, inundating their audiences to an endless stream of anti-Trump propaganda, only marginally rooted in the truth.  “Journalists” promote the notion that violent left-wingers use their violence against conservatives to bring about “peace.”  And not one of them has seen a pink slip.

Approximately, 80 percent of Americans fear political violence, according to a recent Marist poll.  Democrat leaders,  refuse to condemn the violence. In fact, they encourage the hatred.

Despite all this, the left falsely claims that “right-wing violence” is rising.


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