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Women’s March: Feminists Rail Against Tampons, Capitalism And Confederates

Here we are in America 2019, and if there is one thing we know these days is that the left blames “toxic masculinity” and “white privilege” on the “deplorables.”

Xcluded Media spoke to “social justice” warriors at the Women’s March in Jacksonville, Florida as they slammed the ruling class, the sexists, the homophobes, and the transphobes, the white supremacists, and the toxic fill-in-the-blanks.

When asked to explain what “toxic masculinity” is, a self-described anarchist protester claimed “it could be anything” and railed against capitalism.

“The United States is run by white males in my opinion, 1 percent, in my opinion,” she said. “I’m an anarchist. Capitalism must die.”

She then bemoaned men having access to condoms while women are “suppressed” by having to used chemical-infused tampons.

“Females, we have to purchase tampons. Men can get condoms for free, but then we have these tampons that are bleached – all kinds of chemicals in them,” she said. “So, that’s a suppression on us as well.

Someone is engaging in toxic masculinity when they are “just being a man,” she added.

Nearly all of the leftist demonstrators XCluded spoke with claimed the United States is racist for revering the Confederate leaders, with apparently no understanding that the Confederacy was spawned by Democrats.

“We have to educate, that’s a huge part of it, because there is so much miseducation going on,” the protester said. “We teach false history about the civil war in schools still. We still have schools named after Confederates, mass murderers if you will. People who were against the United States who wanted to succeed from the Union because they believed in slavery.”


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