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Women’s March: Triggered Feminists Don’t Know Much, But They Hate Trump (VIDEO)

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Displaying vulgar imagery alongside small children, nearly all of the self-described feminists at the Women’s March on  Saturday were lost for words when asked to specifically justify their contempt for President Donald Trump.

Confronted by XCluded Media about which of Trump’s policy’s compelled them to travel far and wide to protest the Trump administration, all of the attendees interviewed were only able to angrily espouse a slew of liberal talking points.



Pressed on how wearing a “genitalia hat” empowers women, a protester, who said she attended the Women’s March to fight “the rights of everyone,” became so profusely enraged she began stalking and insulting XCluded reporter Alicia Powe and aggressively pushing a camera inches in front of Powe’s face.

“Do you think Trump has class? He rails on disabled people,” the women screeched. “He rails on military, he rails on McCain. He’s railed on every walk of life. So you think he’s classy?

She then threatened to dispose of Powe’s phone.

“You can go away. I’m all done with you. Throw this [phone] in the garbage,” she yelled. “Where’d you come from? A hole?”



An Indian citizen wearing a Make America Great Again hat explained that he is grateful to be in the United States where “your rights can’t get trampled on,” but said he been repeatedly antagonized and called a “racist” when walking amongst the crowd of self-proclaimed supporters of equal rights.

“I think we all can agree that we should make the country great because if the country is great, we are great,” he professed. “I’ve been called a racist over here. I don’t understand this logic if you’re a liberal – there’s Antifa and everything. I would love to talk to you guys but talk to us – they are literally bringing microphones and screaming into our faces and calling us racists.”

As the Trump supporter described how the protesters relentlessly disparaged him, a crowd of “pussy” hat-wearing women gathered and began bitterly mocking and glaring at him.

“Look at that person, look she is laughing at me,” he pointed out.

Xcluded asked one of the women who gawked at the Trump supporter to explain why she was compelled to brazenly ridicule the man for merely wearing a different hat. She then accused him of being a “hater” who was disrupting a day of “love,” characterizing her bigotry as a “dichotomy.”

“It’s really hard to see a hater on a day where there is so much unity and love of so many people,” she said. “The problem is that [Trump supporters] are on the attack generally, we have tried to defend ourselves. But yet, they come in again – they hate anyone who isn’t like them.

“They want to build walls,” she bemoaned.


When asked to weigh in on the president’s leadership, a woman holding a “Rise Up” sign hesitatingly admitted, “I don’t know what to think about anything right now, to be honest with you.”

“Uh, I don’t even… ya know,” she said.

A Texas woman wearing a rainbow-colored “pussy hat” adamantly claimed Trump is “trampling” LBGTQ rights. But was then lost for words when asked to specify her accusations.

“How are LGBTQ rights being trampling,” XCluded asked.

“I mean going back to – er,” she replied, before sighing and taking a long pause.

She then hesitatingly claimed Trump is hurting the lesbian and gay community by “abolishing” Obama care.

“Um, right down to down to disparities that already exist in healthcare,” she said. “And if you were to abolish the remainder of Obamacare that we have now, that would harm communities – I don’t know.”

Having to explain how Trump is discriminatory “makes me speechless,” she continued. “But we had to be here. I hope ya’ll talk to a lot of different people out here – um yea.”


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    The video is proof. You just saw the most ridiculous clueless pageant of losers who don’t know why they were there.

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